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Barriers, Lots of Barriers!

Sick and tired of banding?

We've been hiring crowd barriers to events for a number of years now and one of the biggest feedback items from customers is the need for banding on a dry hire....


All fencing hire companies do it, they deliver barriers banded in 25s (usually metal) meaning you have to have cutters to access the barriers before you can even start!

They then expect you to band the barriers before returning - back into 25s. If you don't own a bander you'll need to hire one.. usually from the fencing company, an additional charge.

There is also the time it takes to band the fencing. On a festival where there are say 2000 barriers - this could be a couple of days for a pair of crew... both time and money!

The other issue is collecting in barriers from a large site using say a rough terrain fork.... one bump and the neat pile of barriers from the forks is all over the grass again...

........ we set to work!

A new way to hire......

Our barriers are delivered in stillages of 25. That's right.. no banding anywhere! We will be charging no more for the hire but there are so many advantages for our customers....

  • Easy & Fast Loading & Unloading of Lorries

  • Easy Storage on site

  • Easy & Fast Distribution & Collection on site

  • No Banding Cost, Issues or Time

  • A quick glance to confirm number of panels.. no manual counting!

........................ with prices from £1/panel - should you be using us for your crowd barriers?

2018-08-27 22.57.29.jpg
..........when you trust Buddha Group for your equipment hire, you're in great company!
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