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Fresh & Waste Water

By MASSIVE demand we have now launched our bowser service covering the North West of England. We now have (growing) stocks of water bowsers ready for your Film & TV Locations!

Our fresh water bowsers are BLUE and have integrated taps, sealed top access and the ability to add pumps etc to the front equipment plate where required. We also offer a heated element inside the unit to stop your water freezing in the colder months....... just ask!

Our waste water bowsers are GREEN and have a bucket, hose and pump system built in - meaning you can simply pour your waste water into the collection bucket on the front of the bowser - where the pump will then transfer the waste water into the tank. This saves you trying to balance, juggle waste water while trying to ensure it goes into the top of the bowser!

A Smart GREEN Packaged way to hire......

We offer a complete weekly package including fresh water, waste water & a full rubbish recycling service. 

This includes:


Daily Fresh Water Refill inc bowser hire

Daily Waste Water Empty inc bowser hire

All transport & disposal costs.


3x 1100Ltr Recyling XXL Wheeled Closed Top Bins 

3x 1100Ltr General Waste XXL Wheeled Closed Top Bins

(Giving 40% more space than a traditional bin trailer)

All transport & disposal costs.

Empties based on a 3 day cycle done by our all access compact refuse vans or in remote & off-road locations we'll use our Landrovers & specially designed bin transport trailers!

This is based on a Monday - Friday service but we can of course service your location at the weekends on request!

2019-04-26 12.58.56.jpg
..........when you trust Buddha Group for your equipment hire, you're in great company!
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