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When you need ALOT of furniture!

Tables & Chairs

We've been hiring furniture to events for a number of years so we like to think we are quite good at it!


In 2017 we launched stillages for our folding Samsonite chairs. Not only did it make transport, storage and distribution MUCH easier - the stillages were closed on all sides... meaning when chairs were stored in say a festival "boneyard" - the passing plant would not be splashing them and making them filthy!

In 2019 we developed a brand new trestle table stillage for our huge stocks of tables.


We found that for example when a large festival site hires 700 tables... they really really don't want them on pallets. You can't stack them, the moment you try and drive around with them on plant the tables scatter everywhere.. and trying to confirm quantities is a time consuming nightmare!

Our new stillages stack beautifully, they hold exactly 20 tables each (you couldn't get any more in if you tried) and you can see straight away if there are only 19 tables in there. More importantly they are built with large sites in mind - fork pockets all sides and securing bars meaning absolutely no loss of tables when driving round rough terrain in the forks!

Stillage Madness....

We are committed to investing over £200k by the end of this year in further stillage design, development and production. To make transport, storage and on site life so much more efficient.


We are looking at larger scale chair stillages, picket fence stillages, a completely new concept in fence block stillages, bench cases, fire equipment cases, bar stillages, TrackMat stillages & so much more!

Our team are constantly on the case with new ideas to make our offerings even better.

2018-07-14 08.40.24.jpg
..........when you trust Buddha Group for your equipment hire, you're in great company!
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