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2020 is all about Technology!

We know when you ask for your kit to be there at a certain time you need your kit there on time! After some winter development and training we are delighted to now bring you the very latest technology for the hire industry.

Want to be able to track your #fencing delivery to site so you’re ready for it when it lands?

Want to communicate directly with the driver delivering your #picnicbenches ?

Want to get all your delivery & collection notes on your phone?

Want complete transparency of missing & damaged kit while our teams are still on site?

It’s all going live as we speak. You will receive updates when we leave HQ, are on route and even when we arrive on site / location - if you wanted to you can even track our journey - No more stopping at Costa for us!

Combine that with the RENTAL PLAN hire rates which are all on our website 24/7.... why would you even think of using anyone else for your equipment hire!? #teambuddha #efficient #theonlyway #eventhire #equipmenthire #festivalhire #eventprofs #locationhire #onlocation #leadingtheway

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