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August - Darren, Employee of the month

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Congratulations to Darren for winning employee of the month. Darren can he found in our warehouse and yard areas making sure everything is where it is supposed to be at the right times, although he does have a habit of wandering into the office to tell us his erm... amazing jokes! Always always smiling and the first to offer to help anyone in the team, he is a little ray of sunshine.


Nickname - Sausage Fingers or Shovel Hands

Favourite Food - Steak, Steak and a bit more Steak - will have chips if pushed!

Favourite Drink - Pints of Peroni (lots of)

Hobby - Football and we didn't ask which team

What he loves about Buddha - The nice people he works with..ahhhh (we didn't have to pay him to say that either)

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