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July - Duncan, Employee of the month

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Congratulations to Duncan being our Employe of the month, we are not sure if Duncan is human or a robot as he never stops and is always the first one to stick his hand in the air to help! There is nothing that is too much trouble (apart from maybe avoiding railway bridges in his truck!) and with a work ethic that is second to none we think he is an all round star and gets a very well deserved employee of the month award.


Nickname - Duncs or to the warehouse team Dad!

Favourite Food - as an incredibly talented chef Dunc is just grateful for any food he hasn't had to cook!

Favourite Drink - Rhubarb Gin with Ginger Ale

Hobby - Working, working and a bit more working!

What he loves about Buddha - The people and that he is pushed out of his comfort zone every day

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