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New Vehicles in this climate???

We know.... we know..... it is a time of uncertainty but we don't like to do things the same way any everyone else does so guess what we have been doing .... adding to our vehicle / hire fleet.

Check out some of our new purchases all ready (or will be after a lick of paint and some "Buddha-ing"in some cases) to start visiting you soon.

Firstly let us introduce our new SDC Trailer, brand spanking new, flatbed with moffett bracket and lights all the way down the side (makes all the difference).

Next we have some very sexy (we know we are a bit strange) Western Global, brand spanking new water bowsers which come as standard with an on demand pump for the likes of cabins of toilets.

Next up.... is our new recycling trailer, we only bring you the best :)

Next up - Cushman buggies, who doesn't love a trip in a buggy and best part is we hire these with drivers so you can be chauffer driven.

And finally for now.... we have 4 more Mercedes Tractor units off to be wrapped, we are more than sure you will be seeing one of these bad boys very soon.

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