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A bit about us...

Starting life in 2012 as Event Buddha, we supplied equipment into small scale events around the Cheshire area. We quickly grew and were soon supplying larger scale events slightly further away. From gazebos to fencing, fridges to festoon.

In late 2015 we saw the migration by Film & TV toward the North of England was picking up some pace and there were very few companies servicing the location requirements. Location Buddha was then formed -specialising in supplying equipment directly to locations around the North of England. From lighting to bowsers, toilets to trackway.

As we neared the end of 2018, we decided we needed a more joined-up approach that portrayed the national hire company we had become. This was the amalgamation of Event Buddha & Location Buddha, along with our new direct sales division. In 2019 we started the massive re-brand! Buddha Group as we now know it was born. 

2021 saw us move to our new home - the perfect central and accessible town of Warrington! Now we had a huge warehouse with an even bigger yard, offices and car parking for the masses!


As 2022 dawned and we continued to grow, we realised that our huge new home may not actually last us the next 10 years as we had planned, and we needed more space already!!

Fast forward a few weeks, we were picking up the keys to a swankey new office building, a 2 minute journey from our warehouse - which allowed us to spread out and expand our teams.

Our MD Rupert who started the whole shabang is still here today.  Although now slightly older (and greyer), his approach to business is still the same - the very best equipment, at the very best prices, along with the service of a small family company!

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