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Fancy joining #teambuddha...?

Our team are what set us apart from our competition - they make us who we are as a company, and without them we are nothing.  We are rather picky when it comes to selecting our team, so we though it was worth putting together a bit of info to explain how we find and recruit new Buddhas...


We invite applications either for specific jobs or just to enter our TALENT POOL so we can contact you when there is an appropriate position available. From this start point we are looking for something special - something that makes you stand out from the crowd. We might ask for a short video or some random facts about you... either way we are looking for someone who REALLY wants to join the leading Film, TV & Event Hire company. We are NEVER looking for bums on seats... so if you're just ticking a box, please tick elsewhere.


If you have impressed at STEP ONE with an awesome cover letter, an X-Factor like audition video or blown us away with your personality, then you will be invited to INTERVIEW 1. This is the interview with one or two of our management team to find out if you are a great fit for Buddha - we'll explain what we are about and you can tell us about how wonderful you are. This is a great opportunity to find out if your approach to life is the same as ours.


If you make it to STEP THREE we LIKE YOU. Now this is the stage we test your ability. This might be a practical assessment, a team exercise or a competency based exercise. It might be all three depending on the role. This will be with our Training Team and some of the Buddha Management Team.


STEP FOUR is where it gets even more serious... you get to meet the MD (and probably his dog too!)  Our MD is super passionate about Buddha and of course our team... day one at Buddha was just the MD in a van - so he knows the score and wants to make sure our whole team bring the right attitude and willingness to the table.... bring all your personality that day!


JOB offer time - we'll be asking for written reference details, criminal record checks and all that malarkey... then we'll work out your start date depending on when our next induction course is available (everyone has their Buddha Chip installed at the start of their first week). 

It's not easy to get a job with Buddha Group - we are looking for the very very best. But if you have what we are looking for (and that's mainly attitude over skill as we'll teach you the Buddha way) then working with us is super rewarding and bloody great fun...... and you'll never want to leave!

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